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Yuan Liu

Associate Professor    

M.D., Beijing University School of Medicine, Beijing, China, 1991
Ph.D., Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, University of South Alabama, 1998


Dynamic Regulation of Inflammation, Cell Surface Interactions and Signaling and Leukocyte Biology.

Inflammation is a vital host response that serves as a major immunological mechanism to protect the host from pathogens, irritators and transformed / altered self-cells. Acute inflammation generally involves sequential events of local cell response and production of inflammatory mediators, activation of endothelial vasculature, transmigration of large numbers of neutrophils into tissues, and the final stage of monocyte/macrophage-mediated clearance. When the inflammatory reaction lingers and becomes chronic, local macrophage response and neutrophil infiltration are also regulated by cytokines derived from activated dendritic cells and polarized T cells. Our recent studies focus on elucidating the dynamic mechanisms that regulate leukocyte response and neutrophil transmigration at different stages of inflammation.

Specific projects currently in the lab include:
1) Critical factors that control macrophage response and neutrophil infiltration at the acute and the chronic stages of inflammation;
2) Mechanisms by which cell surface adhesive proteins, such as integrins, CD47 and SIRPa, regulate phagocyte recognition and neutrophil transmigration;
3) Control of leukocyte infiltration during cancer initiation and metastasis.


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